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Yesterday, much to my excitement, the climate scientist Michael Mann retweeted my most recent blog, thus sending my page views to a new record and attracting several climate deniers to try and comment about how ‘climate change isn’t real’.

On this blog, I aim to bring peer reviewed climate science to a wider audience, so that we can better understand the challenges facing humanity caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

While there are certainly many aspects of climate mitigation that require much discussion and debate, what does not require debate is whether the science of climate change is real.

Anyone who wishes to try and prove climate change is not real (thus attempting to disprove the overwhelming consensus of scientific research) in the comments section will not make it through moderation.

And now for less seriousness, here’s one of my favourite climate videos of all time from Australia

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  1. Amy, you have explained your position really well, and you are quite right to not allow the climate deniers to comment on your blog. Love the video clip!

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