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Read the Science

The who – what – when – where – how of current climate research.

As someone who is fluent in both scientist and bureaucrat, what I aim to do with this blog is to take recent research papers as well as relevant policy papers (NRTEE in Canada, EPA in the USA, CSIRO in Australia etc) and translate them into English. I will also do some translation of UN bureaucracy.

I want to take the most current and cutting edge research and make it clear, concise, accessible and even interesting for people that aren’t science or political nerds like me.

Submissions of peer-reviewed papers you think would be interesting for the blog are welcome at readthescienceblog@gmail.com.

Please note that I’m not trying to say that all scientists are bad at writing or communicating (there are some very excellent science writers out there), I’m just trying to remove some of the density of style that comes with the common format for writing a scientific research paper (or a policy paper).

I want to help communicate the reality of climate change and what atmospheric pollution since the industrial revolution is doing to our planet from the source – from the scientific data.

No bullshit, no lobbyists, no spin doctors, no heads in sand.
Climate change reality – telling it like it is.